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"Strategies to Enhance Indigenous Student’s School Based Learning Experiences and Outcomes"

"Strategies to Enhance the Role of Parents and Community in Indigenous Education"

"Indigenous Languages"

Master Forum III

Master Forum II

Master Forum I

Master Forum IV

Detailed information regarding each Forum will be coming soon; once available you will be able to click on each Forum to view.

The WIPCE 2017 Master Forums is a new and exciting process that is designed to significantly enhance the sharing and learning process for WIPCE delegates.

Delegates in the Master Forums will collectively strive to create and contribute to processes that serve to unite and motivate the proclamation and celebration of the uniqueness of Indigenous cultures, ontologies, and knowledge.

Delegates will have the opportunity to work along side of international Indigenous scholars and facilitators to consider important aspects of Indigenous education with the view of preparing a policy statement relative to the subject of each forum.


"Research for Indigenous Education Transformation and Resilience"